The European Tour relied on Cimoroni & Company’s trusted counsel and executive level sales strategy to grow its international profile via a series of events.


Elevate the European Tour’s status within the international ecosystem of golf by securing a sponsor also looking to efficiently increase global market penetration.

The European Tour’s Chief Executive retained Cimoroni & Company to:

  • Provide counsel and develop a strategic approach to optimize the Tour’s brand and add incremental revenue

  • Strategically maximize a series of world-class events

    • Identify optimal timing to slot a run (2 or 3) of events that could take advantage of an ebb in the global golf calendar

    • Leverage the incredible breadth of cities that the Tour visits including some of the world’s most iconic cities: Rome, Paris, Dubai

  • Execute on the idea of attracting a well-recognized, international brand supporting the Tour’s desire to:

    • Provide the highest quality of golf

    • Attract top tier players

    • Grow the international impact and recognition of the Tour

  • Leverage Cimoroni & Company’s unrivalled and powerful industry relationships to pinpoint a potential sponsor

  • Lead negotiations with key decision makers to structure a legacy deal delivering value for both the Tour and the partner



Converge the strategic objectives of two brands looking to increase brand value and international market penetration.


To accomplish this, Cimoroni & Company:

  • Canvassed the global marketplace to attract interest in the Series: initial support and interest was high

  • Identified Rolex as the ideal sponsor looking to elevate its brand in tandem with
    the Tour’s

  • Rolex’s ongoing deal with the Tour would be repositioned and modernized with an elevated and ownable platform

  • Approached this complex negotiation not to “win” – but to provide an equitable value solution for both the Tour and for Rolex

  • Gained the trust of both parties by connecting C-Suite peers to have open and candid conversations

  • Patiently worked with both sides over an 12-month period that ultimately  on-boarded Rolex as title partner of The Rolex Series



Cimoroni & Company cemented an equitable deal that turned a sponsorship into
a partnership.


  • Delivered on the Tour’s aspiration to own one of the most important event series in men’s golf

  • Negotiated a multi-year sponsorship commitment with one of the world’s premier and iconic brands

  • Created efficiencies of scale by providing one impactful global sponsorship vs several smaller executions

  • Provided international market penetration: eight countries in Year 1, nine countries in Year 2; with 12 events as the ultimate target

  • Increased tournament purses to start at $7 million USD 

  • Translated into better playing opportunities for the Tour’s most important stakeholders: the players

  • The name THE ROLEX SERIES was immediately adopted as established lexicon in the world of golf, just like The Masters or The Ryder Cup

  • Provides Rolex with $50 million+ in media value, enormous goodwill and affinity in the global golf industry

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