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As Abu Dhabi’s premier sport and entertainment group, Flash Entertainment has hosted high calibre sporting events like the Mubadala World Tennis Championships, the FIFA Club World Cup and the Asian Football Cup. Flash is quickly helping the UAE establish a reputation as one of the world’s top destinations for international sport & entertainment events.

CIMORONI is retained by Flash to increase revenue on its existing properties and venues and to further enhance the brand by creating content and showcasing it to an international audience.

For more on unmissable events in the UAE contact, jessica@cimoroni.com


For ten years, all eyes in the tennis world have been focused on the Mubadala World Tennis Championship and the calibre of elite players the event attracts year over year. Desert Love highlights years of history and confirms why the best players in tennis start their seasons in Abu Dhabi.

As Executive Producers, CIMORONI oversaw the creation & execution of the MWTC documentary; Desert Love.


With goals to turn an exhibition tennis tournament into a tourism marketing asset and revenue generating property that showcases Abu Dhabi to the world.

CIMORONI strategized a plan to incorporate the beauty of the region into a completely reframed broadcast. By revamping the visual and editorial narrative of the broadcast the quality enhanced to a point it became a visual asset that served a second purpose of promoting the region to a global audience.


The Etihad Arena is known as the Landmark of Entertainment by bringing world-renowned musicians, entertainers, and sporting events to the UAE.

CIMORONI worked with Flash Entertainment to prepare a comprehensive asset valuation and go-to-market sales approach, and acted as a lead consultant for the naming rights to the 18,000-seat flagship arena.

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