Jeff Whaley

Jeff Whaley is that eternally stoked guy, pushing the limits in all aspects of sports. Whaley picked up his first BMX bike at the age of 15 while most of his friends were skateboarding. In January 2017, Jeff and 6 friends were scouted by Cirque Du Soleil to put together what would now be known as the final act in the new action sports-based traveling show under the big top called, Volta.

A relative newbie to the cirque world, Jeff immediately found the knack for the massive crowds and was hooked. While podium outcomes have become landing new tricks live in the show, this all-star rider is looking to the next phase of BMX riding through content creation outside of performing on the big stage.

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Jeff Whaley stars in one of Cirque Du Soleil’s newest big top shows called “VOLTA” and showcases what It takes to go from athlete to performer over night.


Jeff and his friends were invited to a workshop with Cirque Du Soleil to test out what a BMX act could look like within one of their touring shows. Here is what we found out.


Les Frenchies BMX started as a conversation between Jeff his friends and his agent Connor about capturing content around being a BMX Rider to then performer and everything around it. While the concept took a turn because of the on going pandemic, Jeff and his friends began their story on YouTube creating content around Canada for their followers.

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