Liam Brearley

Liam Brearley is constantly on the lookout for the next adrenaline-filled ride. Professional Snowboarder and Wakeboarder, this young talent has already seen the success of his hard work. Brearley has taken top spots at the 2020 Youth Olympics, taking home medals in all 3 snowboarding events (Slope, Big Air, Halfpipe), 2 World Cup podiums, global Wakeboard events, and taking 2nd spot overall in FIS Slopestyle points in 2021.

Brearley's goals are next level as he sets to help the next generation and works toward being a member of the Canadian Olympic Snowboard team.

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If you want a first hand look at the dedication and commitment it takes to follow your dreams, look no further than professional Snowboarder Liam Brearley. His dedication and passion to the sport of snowboarding knows no bounds. CIMORONI set out to make a video to tell Liam’s story as a growing athlete and what it takes to become the next best. With the help of Canada Snowboard this is how we told his story.


Interview with Jack MacDougall - in this episode of "Fear of a Flat Planet" with Liam Brearley. In partnership with Canada Snowboard, FOAFP was proposed to Liam after creating his own mini podcast during the ever lasting pandemic called “In The House Board with Liam” An opportunity to keep Liams name top of the game while everyone was stuck at home bored.


With the start of a rising career for Liam, the 2020/2021 season took a crazy turn of events. Not knowing where Liam was going to be able to compete and ride we set out to create what the team called VOL 1,2,3 to showcase his safe travels across Canada. Working with partners like Ikon, Cimoroni was able to work with content creators and filmers to help create a vision that will definitely set out to showcase many more episodes to come.

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