Reece Wallace

Reece Wallace is a freeride mountain biker from Nanaimo, BC. Growing up far enough away from the mountains in Calgary, Alberta Reece knew he craved to explore the mountains.

Beginning his career in slopestyle, Reece shifted his talent to free riding. Since stepping away from the slopestyle scene, his focus is geared toward free riding events and videos.

Reece received an invitation to the 2015 premier big mountain competition, Red Bull Rampage in Utah alongside legendary rider Brandon Semenuk.

Finding his passion on the mountain, Reece rides to create content motivated to show the world that pushing your limits can be inspiring. When Reece isn’t riding down a mountain, he can be found in the sky flying his airplane around his home in British Columbia.

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The 90s and early 2000s were the glory days of freeride. Skinnies, ladder bridges, and teeter totters paved the way for riders like Reece Wallace to carve his own path. Extrapolating from old-school freeride, he drew inspiration to build new features which paid homage to this past in 'Glory Daze'.


Reece Wallace loves combining two of his greatest passions in life: freeriding and flying. This is his nod to the fine people who are dedicated to finding and rescuing hikers, mountain bikers and other explorers when things go wrong in the backcountry.


Reece Wallace has an exhilarating way to find new trails and explore inspiring terrain.

"Over the years I’ve chased this feeling by competing, building new trails and stunts, and travelling to ride and explore new areas. Finding new ways to stoke the flames can help develop your riding and keep things fun. For me, the way I go about finding and riding new places changed just over a year ago when I earned my pilot’s license."

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