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A native to British Columbia's coast, and a multi-talented rock climber, Heather Lightfoot is earning a spot on the upper echelon of women's climbing in Canada. In her home of Squamish, BC she has sent high profile rock climbs such as Project Grizzley 13a, Flight of the Challenger 12c trad, and next on the list is Vital Transformation 12c trad. But, her true passion lies in exploring distant walls, like her 2019 trip to send the 3000ft face of La Esfinge in Peru.

Before Heather was a climber, she was a tiny activist, by the age of 10 she had gotten her entire school to fundraise for children in Pakistan and spent her formative years volunteering various environmental and community groups.

Currently, she is a local voice for Squamish youth at risk, working with vulnerable teens at the local high school. Beyond Squamish she travels as responsible as possible, consciously offsetting her carbon footprint and minimizing her impact as a visitor, such as initiating a Biffy Bag waste system for climbers’ fecal matter in Huascaran National Park, that was contaminating local water sources.

To connect with Heather, please contact connor@cimoroni.com.

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