Jeff Whaley


Jeff Whaley is that eternally stoked guy, constantly on the search for the next adrenaline-filled ride. Whaley picked up his first BMX bike at the age of 15 while most of his friends were still skateboarding.


Jeff pushes the limits in all aspects of sports, having fun every step of the way. Still a young talent, the stories have already been pouring in. January of 2017, Jeff and 6 friends were scouted by Cirque Du Soleil to put together what would now be known as the final act in the new action sports-based traveling show under the big top called Volta. A relative newbie to the cirque world, Jeff immediately found the knack for the massive crowds and was totally hooked. 


Growing up in a small (and let’s face it, cold!) town of Montreal, Quebec , Jeff’s “down-for-anything” attitude must have been discovered by his heart and dedication towards the BMX industry. While podium outcomes have become landing new tricks live in the show, this all-star rider is looking to the next phase of BMX which is content creation outside of performing on the big stage.


  • Strategize, source and negotiate a portfolio of multi-year brand partnerships.

  • Manage all brand partner executions and appearances.

  • Counsel both client and partner on best practices create highly effective and socially engaging content.

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