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Founded in 2019 by industry veterans Randy Paul & Dan Cimoroni, The Naming Rights Company, a sister company to CIMORONI, focuses exclusively on building long-term naming rights partnerships between prominent brands and sport, entertainment and cultural facilities across Canada. We work with our clients through three interrelated project phases.

Preparation & Valuation

The Preparation phase sees our team become immersed in venue operations via consistent communication and a full download of information related to the venue in consideration. Preparation involves aligning key stakeholders, policy review or development, identifying & cataloguing available assets and finally ascertaining naming rights value.


Sales Processes

Our history of bringing significant naming rights partnerships to fruition guides our successful sales processes. From identifying prospective partners and securing a naming rights partner to structuring deal terms and contract negotiation and agreement development, we work with in tandem with our clients to create meaningful partnerships that build community and optimize revenue.


We support our client and the new partner through the process of integrating that partner within the venue, facilitating the greatest opportunity for shared success. We outline a clear set of business objectives for both the partner and the client, measurement processes to collect pertinent data, priority metrics, data sources and collection methodologies. 

Standing at a Concert

Naming Rights Strategy

For corporations looking to generate goodwill, drive brand affinity, and develop lasting relationships in a community we can support this process with strategic recommendations on where to invest in naming rights, on which venues, at what price point and how to leverage the investment to have the greatest impact on the community and your brand.

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