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C&C Connected | May 24


“She was such a huge hit that I'd say the world is her oyster.”

- The National Post on Jessica Mulroney's involvement in the Royal wedding.*


Connor McDavid

McDavid finishes the World Hockey Championships with 17 points, three points shy of the tournament record. Unfortunately, Canada falls short of a medal after losing to the United States in the bronze-medal match. Read more.

Kia Nurse

Despite New York’s loss against the Chicago Sky in their first game of the season, Kia stands out in her WNBA debut with 17 points, 3 assists, 2 rebounds, and 2 steals. Read more.

Lance Stroll

Lawrence Stroll, Lance’s father, comments on his son’s performance despite the poor showing of the Williams Formula 1 team. Read more.

Jeff Marek

Jeff shares how a video-game addiction could be ruining the chances of a top NHL pick from ever actually playing in the NHL. Read more.

Jessica Mulroney

Jessica’s kids played big roles in the royal wedding this past weekend as page boys and as a bridesmaid, and Ben and Jessica spent plenty of time in the limelight themselves. Read more.

European Tour’s relationship with Hilton goes to the next level

The supplier of the European Tour has now been upgraded to partner status, as Hilton signs a three-year deal with the European Tour. Read more.


Michael Jordan will always be a legend

ESPN and Netflix will be working together to create a ten-hour documentary series that reflects on Michael Jordan’s career while highlighting the 1990s Chicago Bulls. Read more.

Tennis star Andy Murray invests in Deuce

A UK tech start-up is looking to make tennis more accessible and affordable at grassroots levels, and tennis pro Andy Murray is looking to help. Read more.

Nissan engages with future-focused fans through Formula E

Nissan has sponsored Formula E, a class of auto-racing that using electric cars, with the hopes of better connecting and engaging fans who are interested in a lifestyle involving clean energy. Read more.

Esports could be in the next Olympics

The International Olympic Committee is scheduled to discuss the possibility of involving esports in future Olympic competitions, which could be an addition to the games that peaks the interest of millions of young people worldwide. Read more.

WHAT'S HAPPENING AT C&C? Tech is changing the world of sports… For players and for fans

This week at C&C, we brought in guest speaker Scott MacIntosh, the Head of Sports Analytics and Business Development at SAP, to tell us about just how BIG of an impact data is having on the world of sports. He filled us in on the types of projects being tackled by companies like SAP, such as:

  1. Trying to reach all spectators, not just the ones who are engaging with the team directly by purchasing tickets.

  2. Facial recognition available for fans online to check in on their seats when they aren’t actually at the game.

  3. Constantly tracking athletes’ physical state: at training, at home, and when they’re sleeping. Aggregating this data could improve athlete performance over time.

*Photo courtesy of Jane Barlow via Getty Images

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