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C&C Connected | June 27


"For most big brands, simple awareness no longer cuts it."

- E.J. Schultz, on how sports sponsorship deals are changing.*


Hookit: Socially Engaged in the World Cup

A sports sponsorship analytics and valuation platform reveals insights on data it has collected regarding teams, players, and brands with the highest levels of engagement. Check out these cool statistics here.

Instagram vs. Youtube

Instagram has launched a new app called IGTV, a standalone app designed specifically for the viewing of long-form vertical video on a mobile device. With personally recommended content and popular videos, IGTV could give Youtube a run for its money. Read more here.

Getting More from Sports Sponsorships

The sports sponsorship industry remains healthy, but as brands spend millions of dollars on sports sponsorships, marketers are demanding more for their money. Read about changing models of sports sponsorship deals here.

A Side of Fries with the World Cup?

As a longtime sponsor of the World Cup, McDonalds restaurants across Sweden will be streaming all matches of the tournament after finalizing a contract with Red Bee Media, who is also providing Dutch national broadcasters with an ultra high-definition feed of the World Cup. Read more here.


We're looking forward to celebrating Canada Day this weekend, and we're sure you are too! Check out this list of things to do in Toronto that we've put together for you to celebrate Canada with your friends and family this weekend:

*Photo courtesy of Juan Casal

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