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C&C Connected | July 18


“Our ultimate goal is to encourage these inspirational young female leaders to focus their passion and continue to cultivate their growth.”

- Kate Beirness, Founder of Her Mark *


Kia Nurse

Watch this short interview with Kia to learn about how she's fairing with the lifestyle changes of becoming a professional basketball player who's now living in New York, playing against old teammates, and battling with the adversity that comes with sports. Watch it now!

Mike Weir

Weirsy may be 48 and older than many of his competitors, but that didn't stop him from getting competitive and having some fun in the first round of the Utah Championship of the Web.com Tour last Thursday. Read about how Mike is enjoying his golf now more than ever here.

Spartan Race Canada

Spartan Race Canada was at Kimberley Alpine Resort for some fun and healthy competition last weekend, and this article showcases just how hardcore Spartan Racers are with a recap video and photos from the event. If you've never done a Spartan Race before, check out the video... And while you're at it - sign up for your own Spartan Race here!

Kate Beirness

The second annual Her Mark summit was founded and hosted by TSN's SportsCentre anchor Kate Beirness last Saturday, and it brought together 200 female high school students from all over Canada who have shown outstanding leadership in their schools and communities. Check out Her Mark's Twitter page for a peak at some of the amazing activities that this next generation of female leaders were up to!


Formula One Sponsorship Isn't Slowing Down

Remember when brands used to throw their logos on everything and hope their target market would see it? Formula One does - and this article goes through the evolution of sponsorship in motorsports and how brands have to work harder and harder to connect with their target audiences. Read about it here.

Olympic Sponsorship Deals Are Changing

Starting in 2021, top-tier Olympic partners will automatically receive global rights to the Paralympic Games. This change could greatly benefit the International Paralympic Committee (IPC) and the Paralympic Games themselves, as the International Olympic Committee will no longer have to be involved in separate rights negotiations with the IPC. Read more.

The Streaming Era: Niche Sports' Golden Ticket

Television was once the way to get your content out there, but niche sports who can't get the time of day on big-time television networks are turning to streaming networks to gain access their audiences while also appealing to younger consumers. Learn about how this strategy is working to the advantage of this not-so-typical sports league here.

Twitter: The New Television?

The Italian team AS Roma of the Serie A soccer league becomes the first Italian club to stream an entire match live on Twitter. While the game that was broadcasted was only a pre-season match, it still registered a total viewing time of over one year and 224 days! Read about how the club is embracing new technology and platforms here.

*Photo courtesy of @HerMarkCanada on Twitter.

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