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"This upcoming Raptors season will be as much about capitalizing on a currently brief window to reach the Finals while also trying to show Leonard that Toronto is a viable long-term landing spot."

- Dave Zarum of SportsNet, on the trade between the Toronto Raptors and San Antonio Spurs.*


Rolex Increases Their Tennis Investment

After supporting professional tennis for over 40 years, Rolex has demonstrated its commitment to the sport with the announcement of it being the new long-term Official Timekeeper and Official Timepiece of the US Open, as well as an official sponsor. Learn more about the deal that's got all eyes on the Swiss luxury watchmaker here.

NASCAR: Is It Dying?

Strike 1: Attendance is down.

Strike 2: Television ratings are down.

Stri- Not so fast... Nascar isn't down and out. They're transitioning. New talent, new sponsors, and new fans are changing the sport, and it just needs a little bit of time, and money, to see things through. Read more about America's most popular auto racing sport here.

IEG and ESP: Acquired by Engine Shop

IEG, the premier global consultancy in partnership strategy, evaluation, and measurement for leading sponsors and rightsholders, as well as ESP Properties, WPP's new sports and entertainment agency, has been acquired by Engine Shop. Read more.

Arsenal's Newest Hire: A Candy Crush Expert

Professional football club Arsenal FC looks to address their history of innumerable player injuries with the hire of a data scientist who lead the development Candy Crush Soda and Jelly, two of the most popular versions of the addictive game. Learn about how the data scientist will assist the team's training and recovery processes here.

Real World + Virtual World = ?

Initially thought to have been a revolutionary way to enjoy sports (among other things), the realization has set in that celebrating a goal alone via virtual reality isn't exactly ideal... Read about how a combination of the real world and the virtual world could actually be the most high tech yet interactive way of watching sports ever!

*Photo courtesy of Hoops Hype

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