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C&C Connected | August 8


"I always say that anything is possible, don't think limits, and I look forward to the challenge."

- Usain Bolt, on his commitment to train indefinitely with an Australian pro soccer team*


Sail-In Cinema

This weekend, visit Toronto's Sugar Beach to experience the city's largest outdoor movie theatre! Bring your friends and family down to the waterfront to enjoy an event presented by Ports Toronto and partnered with RedPath, Billy Bishop Airport, CTV, and many more! Read more about this exciting event being held on August 10-11 here.

Striving for Change

Strive, a soccer-focused OTT service created by IMG, will be launching mid-August in Scandinavia and will offer its subscribers coverage of the Serie A and La Liga soccer leagues. Learn about how IMG is planning to expand this OTT offering and change the way fans watch sports here.


Mesut Ozil, the former German midfielder who currently plays for Arsenal, has announced the creation of his own FIFA19 eSports team. Stay tuned as the new eSports team develops as players from around the world are chosen to represent #teamozil in all EA FIFA competitions. Read more here.

Esports Fans Are...

What brands are most likely to succeed in the esports world? Which markets are growing? What are the habits of avid esports fans? These questions and many more are answered in this article, which explains the state of esports in just five charts. Read about it here.

Tickets! Get Your Tickets!

The decision for the San Francisco 49ers of the NFL to renew their partnership deal with Ticketmaster was a given. The organization is committed to providing fans with the best gameday experience possible, and with a single scannable barcode being implemented, fans will get the most efficient ticketing experience ever! Read more about the partnership here.

*Photo courtesy of Sporting News

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