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C&C Connected | November 7

"It's about identifying a collective problem and offering a great solution."

- Hazel Mae, discussing the genesis of Hazel Mae Design


Hazel Mae

Read how Hazel Mae turned a difficulty in finding the right clothing into a burgeoning clothing line of her own. In an extensive interview with Forbes.com Hazel Mae discusses both the genesis and the vision for Hazel Mae Design with Tiffany Leigh.

Kia Nurse

How goes it down under? Player of the month is how it’s going. While also advocating for her fellow athletes by urging the WNBA to ‘bet on women’ Kia earned Player of the month for the Canberra Capitals in the WNBL.

Harnarayan Singh

For those who have not yet heard Harnarayan’s inspiring hockey story, you can now read about it in Bob McKenzie’s new book ‘Everyday Hockey Heroes’.

Flash Entertainment

Our friends at Flash Entertainment in Abu Dhabi sure know how to throw a party. The Abu Dhabi Grand Prix is coming to town in late November, but the line-up of artists to perform is a collection of international superstars including The Weeknd, Post Malone, and Guns N’ Roses.


WNBPA Opting Out

WNBA players are making waves in their off-season as the WNBPA has opted out of its current collective bargaining agreement. While the 2019 season will go ahead unaffected, the players are seeking better pay, travel conditions, and increased marketing opportunities in the next CBA to take effect before the 2020 season.

Calgary 2026: Yes or No?

The City of Calgary is facing an important choice on November 13th - to support or to not support the city’s bid to host the 2026 Winter Olympics. In what can be a contentious question, Calgarians have an opportunity to consider if the investment required to host the games is worth the potential benefits in terms of the economy, infrastructure, social programs, community development, sport, tourism… (the list goes on!)

Canadian Sponsorship Landscape: 2018 and Beyond

Several industry partners including T1, IMI, SponsorshipX and SMCC have teamed up to present the 12th annual Canadian Sponsorship Landscape Study. The report is an analysis of real industry data collected over the past 12 years and provides insights that sponsorship professionals can both learn from, and use in their daily lives.

Look Into the Crystal Ball…

What’s the business of sport in North America going to look like in 2022? Great question. PWC took up the challenge to lay out where the industry is headed over the next 3-4 years in their recent report - with a highlighted sections on sports gambling and media rights.

*image courtesy of Forbes.com

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