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C&C Connected | January 23, 2019

*Photo courtesy of The European Tour


The European Tour has found the secret to compelling content in 2019: Cats. Specifically cats playing the piano. The latest viral video from the team that has brought you the 2-yard fairway, a 500 shot hole-in-one challenge, awkward interviews, and more sees some big names from the European Tour take content development into their own hands, taking it away from the "media guys".

The players' own personalities drive the content, and while it contains almost no golf whatsoever, this sort of golf is an important piece to the European Tour's strategy for engaging younger audiences. It's about making the Tour and its players more relatable, more human, and more accessible to its fans.


Podcasts, Podcasts, Podcasts

Whether it's for the morning commute, the gym, or part of winding down before bed, podcasts are time well spent. Kate Beirness, James Duthie, Jeff Marek, all host/co-host their own podcasts for your listening pleasure! Whether its HerMark, 31 Thoughts, or Rubber Boots, there is new content weekly for your listening pleasure!

Kia Nurse

How goes it down under? For the Canberra Capitals, things are looking up. We're calling it the Kia Effect. In her first pro season abroad with the Capitals of Australia's WNBL, Kia Nurse, is leading the team through to the Semi-finals, saw attendance at their home games DOUBLE over the mark from the previous season, and she's near the top of the league in scoring. Good luck in the semis Kia!


*Photo courtesy of Uber.

2019's first tennis major is giving the world its first look at the top women's and men's players in the world. Off the court, it's our first chance to take in some creative activation of sponsorship rights across the globe. With a new domestic broadcaster (Nine) has come new broadcast partners, from which our favourite is the creative way Uber Eats lets you know what 'Tonight I'll Be Eating' and that you can have it delivered just about anywhere. Working hand in hand with property and partner, and having some fun along the way can go a long way in endearing both to fans everywhere.

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