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C&C Connected | April 24


Photo Courtesy of The Score

The WNBA is in the midst of an action-packed month of April as it prepares for its 2019 season to kick off in late May. The league recently unveiled a brand refresh and campaign, announced a new jersey partner across all 12 teams in AT&T, touted a new broadcast deal that will see 40 live games aired across the CBS Sports Network - and maybe a Toronto WNBA franchise will be announced in the near future*?!


Hazel Mae is telling #talesfromthewell, providing fans with a behind-the-scenes look at what it's like for her to report on the MLB on game days. Enjoy the all-access pass to your Toronto Blue Jays!

Kia Nurse is almost ready to head back to New York, for the NY Liberty training camp. She'll be looking for a strong start to the season when it tips off on May 9th, with the regular season soon to follow on May 24th.

Jeff Marek chats with the extremely popular, yet polarizing, Paul Bissonnette on April 22nd's 31 Thoughts podcast.

And Kate Beirness has been there every step of the way on the Toronto Raptors playoff journey so far, we hope she'll be needed all the way until June and the NBA Finals!


Photo Courtesy of David J Phillips, Associated Press

It's hard not to ignore the impact that Tiger Woods' comeback win at the Masters is having on the golf industry. Peripheral brands with no affiliation to Tiger, beyond being in the general golf industry, are reporting significant bumps in sales and general interest in the game. CBS had its highest rated morning golf broadcast since its kept track of TV ratings. In Canada, Golf Town was sold out of red mock necks almost immediately, with the national retailer clamouring to get more product to match consumer demand. And perhaps the biggest brand to benefit was Nike. Not only did they get to release an emotional spot it may well have been sitting on for years, but Nike's stock also increased 4.9% in the days after Tiger sealed the victory. The golf industry thanks you Tiger!

*Just for some fun speculation ;)

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