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C&C Connected | April 3


Calgary Inferno - 2019 Clarkson Cup Champions. Photo Courtesy of Chris Young/CP.

To players, teams, GMs, and stakeholders alike, the announcement on March 31st that the CWHL would cease operations came as a surprise. Only a week after crowning its 2019 Champion, the league made the decision to close its doors on May 1, 2019. There has been a tremendous amount of commentary around what this means for women's hockey, including some criticism about the rationale for the decision being that the 'business model is economically unsustainable'. Could there be more media support? Sure. More Sponsorship? Of course. But it's also up to the fans. Without substantial ticket revenue and merchandise sales, running a viable professional league will be a challenge. We're hopeful that new developments for women's hockey are already in the works!


Kia Nurse is a once-in-a-generation on-court talent, but have you seen her on TSN's coverage of NCAA March Madness?! An absolute natural at the desk, with insightful commentary informed directly from her experience on the court - great work Kia!

It's spring, and that means baseball is here! Hazel Mae is back on the base paths reporting on all things Blue Jays for the 2019 season. We're excited to see what this season will bring!

Earlier this week, Woodington Lake Golf Club and Golf Ontario teamed up to announce the much anticipated return of the Ontario Open as well as the first ever Ontario Disability Golf Championship this August. Cimoroni & Company is excited to provide strategic counsel to this tremendous organization on both these events and across their entire enterprise.


Photo Courtesy of Lego

The Guardian's International Edition has a GREAT round up of some April Fools' Day pranks by media outlets and brands from around the globe that range from totally ridiculous to hey-that-just-might-actually-be-true. We could have used the 'find my brick' app when we were kids...

Honourable mention has to go to the folks here in Canada from WestJet who had us laughing out loud at their hilarious Flyre Festival promo video. (Psst... did you hear there will be models!?)

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