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  • The 2010 games provided the B.C. economy a $2.3 billion dollar boost.

  • More than 45,000 jobs were created.

  • An accumulation of 650,000 visitors made up the games, 242,000 from Canada, 324,000 from the United States, and 83,000 visitors from other countries.

  • A legacy lives on 10 years later source

Remember the Amazing Vancouver 2010 Winter Olympics

February 28, 2010 the Vancouver Olympic Games were wrapping up with the closing ceremonies and a historic games it was where Canadians still feel the impact ten years later. Let's take a look back to remember historic moments, and sponsorships that made the games what it was.

On Day 2 of the games, Alex Bioldeau gave his country its first ever gold medal on home soil, winning the Men's Freestyle Moguls at Cypress Mountain.

Almost 10 years ago to the minute, one of the biggest moments surrounding the games and in Canadian sports history, is how the Games ended with the iconic Golden Goal. A hockey moment that had every Canadian out of their seats 7:40 into overtime in the Gold Medal game, when Sidney Crosby scored the game winning goal against Team USA. Drawing an average of 27.6 million viewers, a moment where you remember exactly where you were when it happened.

The Vancouver 2010 games were nothing short but filled with uphill battles, tragedy before the opening ceremonies, and iconic moments in sporting history. Canada placed third behind the United States and Germany with a medal count of 14-7-5, with the athletes creating a games all Canadians will remember.


Every Olympic Games P&G creates campaigns that pull at your heartstrings and leaves you thinking about the mother - athlete relationship. The "kids" campaign does just that because to their moms, they're skill just kids.

Rona was integral to the success of the 2010 Vancouver games as they help build over a dozen Olympic venues, created an apprenticeship program, as well creating integrated campaigns. Proving that teamwork is essential to success and will find any way to make something happen, even if that means taking any route necessary to getting a tool cross country.

Coca Cola resonates with all Canadians when they created the campaign "Now they know whose game they're playing", hockey is Canada's game and it's proven true when both the women's and men's team won gold at the 2010 games. This ad will make any Canadian feel true to their roots.


While Canadians commemorate the 2010 Vancouver Games, it's also time we begin to gain excitement for Tokyo 2020. Earlier this month, the Canadian Women's Basketball Team stamped their pass to compete in the team's third consecutive trip to the Olympics. #WeAreTeamCanada #StandOnGuard

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