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The Heart of Sport

Sport begins and ends with the athletes on the playing surface and talent that bring it to life.

No matter if you haven't laced up your high tops since 8th grade, or if your skates have rust on them from 2010, or even if your sport fandom ebbs and flows in 4-year Olympic cycles - you know what we mean when we assert that athletes and talent are the heart of sport. Leagues, teams, organizations, and governing bodies do not exist without the athlete. Sometimes we forget this. Photo credit:

The broadcast talent that host and that add colour and commentary provide viewers at home incredible access, insight and connection to the action that fosters a love for the game from afar.

Have you ever watched a game without athletes? What about a broadcast on mute? That's what we thought. Athletes that play the game & the on-air talent that bring the game to life are the heart and soul of sport and entertainment.

Athletes and broadcast talent are also people. At work or at home they are people, just like the rest of us. People that occasionally have bad days at work, or are inherently flawed. Their bad days are however showcased in front of thousands or millions of people.

Being the heart of sport also represents a tremendous opportunity - an opportunity to actively use one's voice, one's platform and one's position to have a positive influence on the world. These individuals are awe-inspiring on the field of play, but can also inspire things like social change, gender equity and sport participation - ultimately leaving their mark on the world and establishing their legacy.

At CIMORONI, we represent people.

We believe in the people that play and bring you into the action are the heart of sport. Our philosophy is to advocate for these people; bring them the attention, respect and value they deserve to perform the most essential roles in sport.

If this sounds like a philosophy you believe in, or want to learn more about what it could mean for an athlete or a brand in sport and entertainment, connect with Russ Gray, our Senior Director, Partnerships to discuss the heart of sport.

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