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Our strategic approach connects our roster of rights holders with partnership opportunities that drive revenue, augment experiences and add incremental value to their partners. Our clients entrust us to lead negotiations, structure deals, and navigate through the complex deal process.

Partnership Development

Bolstered by our connections and consistent work with rights holders, brands and media outlets, we are on the constant pulse of the sponsorship industry. We are entrusted to provide strategy, lead negotiations, structure agreements, and navigate through complex partnership deal processes.

Sonnet & ParticipACTION

Sponsorship Valuation

We assess sponsorship value by combining an unbiased assessment using statistics and mathematical equations along with real world buying and selling anecdotal evidence. We provide a holistic perspective on sponsorship valuation answering your tough questions; What do I have to sell, and how much is it worth?’

Revenue Planning

Our experience leveraging & monetizing intellectual property through licensing, fundraising, sponsorship, media and branded content gives us a unique outlook on our clients’ revenue potential; Enabling you to identify, unlock and optimize newfound revenue streams.

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