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We provide trusted counsel, representation and management for broadcast talent and influential figures in sport & entertainment. Our client-centred approach is focused on effective career management while optimizing revenue and delivering value to partners. 

 Contract Negotiations

We strategize with our clients to understand their career goals before sourcing the right opportunity and negotiating the optimal agreement by balancing compensation, term, workload, and other crucial nuances. We leverage extensive industry relationships in Canada and the US to understand macro-media trends, as well as network and platform needs, to ensure our clients are well positioned for future opportunities.

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Marketing, PR & Social Media Support

Personal branding is an essential component of any public figure. From seeking out the right media profile opportunities to supporting the growth of your social media presence, we help develop your brand to maximize your commercial earning potential. 

Commercial Opportunities 

We look for supplementary income opportunities in many key areas which include speaking engagements, brand partnerships, book and publishing deals, and spokesperson roles.

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Administrative & Legal Support 

From legal counsel to charitable strategies to content production, CIMORONI is here to support you in all facets of your commercial affairs. 

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