Cassie Campbell-Pascall

Cassie Campbell is one of the greatest hockey players in Canadian history. During her 16-year Hall of Fame career, she rewrote history and created a pathway for women in sport.

A career started with two unsuccessful attempts at being selected to join Team Canada in 1990 and 1992, Campbell fought through adversity to earn her way on the team in 1994. She went on to become one of Canada’s most decorated hockey players of all-time, winning an Olympic Silver Medal at the first ever Olympic event for women’s ice hockey, to becoming the only Canadian National Hockey Team Captain to take back-to-back Olympic Gold Medals in 2002 and 2006, and capturing 7 World Championships.

Following retirement, Cassie joined Hockey Night in Canada’s broadcast team and was quickly called up to become the first woman to do colour commentary on Hockey Night in Canada. Covering commentary for three Olympic Games, Campbell is currently an analyst for Sportsnet.

Her breakaway into sport media & creating opportunities to advance the women’s game is the next phase for the trailblazer to stamp her legacy in hockey.

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