The CNIB Foundation partnered with CIMORONI, to create original video content that would raise awareness of the organization's mission to empower people impacted by blindness. CIMORONI worked collaboratively with CNIB to ensure the content accurately depicted the organization's brand and mission. 

CIMORONI produced several videos showcasing the transformative power of CNIB's programs. The team put effort into developing compelling scripts, selecting appropriate shots, and using engaging sound and music to capture the viewers' attention effectively. These videos aimed to inform and engage stakeholders such as donors, volunteers, and the general public, as well as increase awareness of the organization's mission.

CNIB also engaged CIMORONI to consult on social media strategy for the CNIB Guide Dog channel, which aimed to increase annual fundraising efforts and grow their following. CIMORONI conducted thorough audience research and provided recommendations for content development and platform distribution.

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