Hazel Mae

Hazel Mae is an award-winning broadcaster and fashion designer. A trailblazer in her industry, Mae was one of the first females to break into the sports broadcasting industry in Canada. Her baseball knowledge and insight stem from her experience working with NESN and the MLB Network before returning home to her Canadian roots.  

As the sideline reporter with the Toronto Blue Jays on Rogers Sportsnet, Mae consistently delivers engaging interviews and insider knowledge.

Off the diamond, Mae founded Hazel Mae Design to deliver what she had trouble finding in the marketplace - a line of dresses made from high quality ponte fabric in vibrant, jewel-toned colors, designed to flatter the female figure.​

With the help of CIMORONI, Hazel Mae Design is a growing brand available online, in retail and on The Shopping Channel.

To connect with Hazel, please contact russ@cimoroni.com.

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