Lora Bay Golf Club

Lora Bay Golf Club, a semi-private premier golf course located in Thornburry, faced a significant challenge during the Covid-19 pandemic. Although the club had a strong membership base, it needed to increase golf bookings from people living outside of the region. To achieve this goal, Lora Bay Golf Club hired CIMORONI to develop a comprehensive marketing strategy to help drive more bookings.

CIMORONI began by conducting a thorough analysis of Lora Bay Golf Club's business, the golf course, the amenities, and the demographic the golf club wished to target. Based on this research, CIMORONI developed a paid digital execution strategy that incorporated top-of-funnel and lower-funnel tactics. Top-of-funnel tactics were focused on increasing brand awareness and traffic to the website, while the lower-funnel tactics focused on converting website visitors into golf bookings. CIMORONI also provided content development support, led all of Lora Bay Golf Club's organic social channels, and created and edited high-quality videos for paid and organic social use.

To enhance the overall effectiveness of the marketing strategy, CIMORONI conducted a photo and video shoot at the golf club. The materials captured included stunning footage of the course, facilities, and action shots of golfers playing on the course. The photographer and videographer worked with a basic storyboard to ensure that the materials captured and edited into videos were in line with the overall business objectives of the club. 

To connect with Lora Bay Golf Club, please contact rmurray@cimoroni.com.

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