Taboo Muskoka

Taboo Muskoka has been a staple in the Muskoka community since 1926. Located along stunning Lake Muskoka, the resort added an award-winning golf course in 2002. Guests are able to enjoy a boutique hotel experience while also challenging themselves to one of the best golf courses in Ontario.

Following a thorough review of both internal and external marketing factors, CIMORONI began with, and continues, to develop annual marketing plans to boost weekday bookings that includes targeted, paid campaigns across Google Search and Social (Facebook and Instagram). To support the paid campaigns, a robust organic plan is implemented to grow the Taboo Muskoka community. With the ever-evolving social media environment, CIMORONI leverages and coordinates video content creation, execution, and editing to maximize the overall reach of the brand across social media platforms.

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CIMORONI leads the creative and digital execution for all Taboo marketing initiatives which focuses on increase guest bookings


As a Hubspot partner, CIMORONI leverages the platform to develop and execute comprehensive email and social campaigns.


CIMORONI manages all social channels for Taboo including content planning and community management

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